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I am Vanessa Worm

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My ethos as a creative and human being stands very strongly in that I will always strive for authenticity, freedom of the people, and love for all things. 

My aim musically is to encourage the liberation of our inner demons. To bring our hearts, bodies and minds, back into rememberence of what we already are. Creative Beings of Love. 

Our bodies are a temple. Through performance, I strive to create space for us to feel safe to explore our deepest feelings through movement, observation, connection to each other, and with feelings of empowerment guiding us through the process.


I intend for there to be a lasting effect.  

I do my best to lead with forgiveness, compassion, & love. 


For love, forgiveness & compassion I believe, is the medicine necessary to carry us through times of hardship, into a placement of freedom.

Born and based in Aotearoa (New Zealand) ☆

Photography: Ruby Harris (red) - David Boyd Smiley (blue)