Bones and Blood Music Video

Directed By: Ruby Harris & Conan Hayes

Costume Design: Laura Monaghan

DOP: Ruby Harris



Music: Vanessa Worm


Debut LP 

Optimo Music 2020


Debut EP - 2019

Recorded with the intention of creating dance music that I felt lacked in the clubs I was going to at the time in Melbourne. 

This EP saw international success, being played by DJ's the world over. 

Gratefully shared via Optimo Music Digital Danceforce. A True Blessing.


Chill Pill Vol. 2 - Public Possesion Compilation​

Originally recorded in 2017 - in a series of 4 songs all titled 'Orion'

Born from curiosity of Soul Origin. 

You may see the other tracks in new projects in the future.


CIN CIN shared EP with Sau Poler. 2019

2 Tracks _ Slash & 444 - OOO

Other Works:

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Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 11.44.12

this was the beginning

Cave of Creation at home.

Prayer For Humanity